Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pesantren Kilat

Pesantren Kilat of Senior High School One Tegal was held in three days, from Thursday until Saturday, September 18 – 20, 2008, in the Senior High School One Tegal’s central hall which was followed by all students.

They could get Islamic educational circumstance. The teachers were Moslem scholar or Moslem teachers who were expert in Islamic religion. In the past, Pesantren was built by Moslem missionaries. The Moslem missionaries came from Indonesian indigenous and foreign Moslem missionaries. In Java, it’s called Wali Songo (nine saints or religious leaders).
Here, Pesantren Kilat means pesantren that was held in a short time, such as three days for all or one day for each grade only! The twelfth grade’s pesantren was held on September 20, 2008, which coincided with Ramadan 20, 1429 Hijriah.
This activity was begun at 9 a.m. and followed by about 200 students of twelfth grade of Senior High School One Tegal. It’s divided into three parts:
Reading Al-Quran and opening speech of the activity’s leader.
The students read Al-Quran together. A boy who became the leader read it first then followed by others. It took just 20 minutes of the time provided. The next activity was opening speech that was told by Mr. Ahmad Zaeni, our religion teacher. He said to welcome Pesantren Kilat this year and motivated all students to be truly Moslem students that just believed in Allah only.
Islamic speech.
This speech was given by Mr. Daryono, our biology teacher. He told about how to keep the holiness of our deepest heart. It’s very important to do in our behaviors. What a beautiful live if everyone in our beloved country paid many appreciate to another people. We didn’t care about SARA (different ethnic, different religion, and different skin color) anymore. No fight or separated war because of racisms affair again.

It’s one of the art reading style, especially for reading Al-Quran beautifully. It’s like singing Al-Quran’s words in special tempo and rhythm. Very nice, isn’t it?

We could take many advantages from following this activity, such as:
We could get many, many, and many Islamic education.
We could get knowledge about how to solve a problem in Islamic ways so our problem could be done well and surely no one would felt injustice
How to read Al-Qur’an well in the correct tajwid (the rules of reading Al-Quran) and how to read it beautifully (I mean, we read Al-Quran in regularly tempo and rhythm so it became nice to listen).
Pesantren Kilat could make a solid friendship of us which could be a power of togetherness. It could be used to avoid all danger that made our country broke down and separated into many new country of itself.

But unfortunately, many students didn’t come to this Pesantren Kilat. Maybe it was caused by their minimal knowledge about the advantages of Islamic ways of life. They didn’t know how important religion factor in our live is. It would be better if all the twelfth grade students of Senior High School One Tegal joined, listened to the speech, found the moral teaching together, and applied it in their daily life.

Ria Cintya P.
[ 34 ] XII A 1